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Eat the Bugs!

Alarming advice from the World Economic Forum (WEF)

AI animated image of boy eating bugs
Boy Eats Bugs

This story has been around a while, and it keeps resurfacing. Maybe you heard it and think it's just a rumor, conspiracy theory or wives' tale. We wish that were true. You may already be eating the bugs and never even knew.

With a quick internet search, you will find companies offering everything from tortilla chips and chocolate to ice cream and protein powder all made from bugs and so much more. Whether you "believe the science" or not, this is very real, and proponents argue that eating the bugs will save the world from certain doom from climate change and starvation.

While eating bugs is very common around the world, advances in farming and agriculture have made more desirable food options much more readily available, and while organizations like the WEF would lead you to believe that eating bugs is totally normal, the fact remains, when better food options are widely available, people don't CHOOSE to eat bugs.

Having said that, I have visited places where bugs were an option, and did in fact try it myself in Mexico. However, while the taco stand might offer crickets you won't see too many people eating them these days. Still, there is growing support from global elitists to push the rest of us to eat bugs. Do they know something we don't?

One Oklahoma based company, All Things Bugs, received a large amount of funding from both the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation and DARPA. Now there is an interesting combination of investors. Why does Bill Gates keep popping up in these dystopian conspiracies? Of course, the U.S. government is involved so you know it is in our best interests and totally above board.

According to several financial news sources, the global demand for insect based food is expected to grow 4x-5x in the next five years. While much of the demand for insect-based food is in the form of animal feed, the growing segments of food and beverages, cosmetics and dietary supplements (protein powders) are expected to drive the demand growth, with many developed countries authorizing insects for human consumption.

Are you eating the bugs? Will you eat the bugs? There is a good chance you already have and don't even know it.

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Apr 27, 2023
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